I saw this quote, and it broke my heart. "Once a good girl goes bad, she’s gone forever." It broke my heart for two reasons, 1. I can’t even begin to tell you how many kids I see with so much potential in their lives and just knowing that in a few years they’ll be experimenting with the same…

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Andy and Nick just trying to help out some seniors. #RookieBlue

Having some trouble there haha

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Anonymous said: Thanks I will! :)

Wooo 😊👍

Anonymous said: That's a long time! I only work three hours in the morning, but I have a lot less work since I'm not orange yet. I might have seen you around but I tend to not talk a lot. I was on Friday nights for a whole year up until a month ago and it took me that long just to say hi to people my own age, so that says something about my social skills haha.

Omg I worked Friday nights too last summer haha wow I’ve probably seen you around a lot lol 😜 most people at the center are really nice! The reason I go for so long is because I’ve made friends throughout the day just say hi and stuff :) if you ever see someone named Dionne at the center that’s me! Just come up to me and say hi I’m the tumblr person 👍👍👍 maybe we can go on a walk together or something 😊

Anonymous said: I'm on Saturdays too! What color are you with the dogs? I'm green/yellow with cats, but only yellow with dogs. I'm lame haha.

That’s not lame I was yellow for a year and then I finally turned 16 haha I’m green/yellow with cats and orange with dogs :) I’ve probably seen you around on Saturdays then! I go around 11 and leave at like 5 or 6

Anonymous said: Hiii! I'm a volunteer at HW too and I just checked out the Helen Woodward tag and saw one of your posts! Is that creepy? I feel like that's creepy. I don't know you and I probably won't but I just thought I'd say hi because it's a weird coincidence. The other volunteer's on my shift don't seem like internet people so I didn't think there would be another volunteer on tumblr. Anyway you have a cool blog. Okay that's all, bye!

Hey!! Thank you!!! That’s not creepy haha I actually think it’s really cool that you also volunteer at Helen Woodward I love it there :) when’s your shift? I work with the dogs and sometimes cats on Saturdays :)